Our Services


ARC’s team of consultants couples our expertise with the specifics of the issues at hand along with our client’s company culture, expectations, and industry it serves, in order to make qualified recommendations that prove successful.

Design | Engineering

ARC engineers have years of experience in the construction world and know the standards like the backs of our hands. Our experts in technologically advanced design and engineering strategies will take on your repair or rebuild with enthusiasm and skill.


ARC has spent years developing and perfecting environmental systems that will prevent much of the waste materials produced in fossil-fueled furnaces from ending up buried in a landfill. We are ready to handle your recycling and disposal requirements today.

Hot Repairs

ARC provides capabilities and technology to repair, restore, and maintain furnace linings to the original integrity of the refractory, performed at operating temperature, in effort to prevent the need for downtime and minimize production losses.


ARC can repair, replace, and/or upgrade your furnace linings, hearths, handling systems, and internal alloy. If you need to retrofit your furnace, ARC can provide experienced field labor and supervise the job to make certain it’s done right.

Project Management | Construction

ARC has successfully managed projects both domestically and internationally. Working on multi-million dollar manufacturing and construction projects is nothing new to us. We bring valuable insight and experience to each new job we take on.


When you hire ARC, you’re hiring professionals who really know industrial furnaces.