The furnace at Holophane had developed a worn throat over time. ARC was hired to provide and install a refractory overcoat for the cover blocks in the throat. The refractory was located and cut to fit by RMS in Butler, PA and the hot installation was accomplished in May. The process included drilling the crown and installing water lances to freeze off the glass on both sides of the throat. Once frozen, the binding and existing cooling was removed, new refractory installed, the binding steel modified to accept the new overcoat block and new cooling coils were installed. The water lances were then turned off and removed. The entire process took 3 days and limited production followed on the 5th day. The only issue was that the throat dimension shown on the print was not exact and one of the overcoat blocks had to be cut to fit. This created a late in the day problem, but was resolved quickly by locating a monument company close by and having them cut the block in a few hours. ■

The job was completed within the time frame outlined and required very little assistance from the plant. The project did creep and was completed with speed and accuracy. The one delay was resolved in a very timely manner and was handled very professionally. All the associates of AllStates Refractory acted very professionally. It was a pleasure working with ARC and the job was a success. We are confident with the work completed to achieve another 18 months on the life of our furnace.

– Todd Collins, Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.


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