Allstates Refractory Contractors is proud to announce the completion of a major rebuild at Pilkington, North America located in Rossford, Ohio.

The multi-million dollar project began in June 2016 and ended with the completion and startup of an oxy-fuel fired float furnace with a capacity of 450 tons per day.

At the outset, ARC faced unforeseen challenges …

The sidewalls in the horizontal flues had deteriorated more than expected after 40 years with only minor repairs performed. Without the necessary materials to repair the flues, the problem required an innovative solution to be implemented under strict safety measures.

First, ARC salvaged several of the good big block crown, Mono H and M block. Next, a crane was used to lower a mini bobcat through a hole cut in the steel floor leading into the basement. ARC then proceeded to carefully lower the 1500 – 2000 lbs big block through the floor and set them in place with the mini bobcat. Wood forms were then installed to support a new castable pumped crown. Castable was pumped to make up areas of the floor that needed some repair. This work was not expected, and required additional labor, but was completed in the same time frame as the rest of the rebuild.

Supervising a crew of approximately 100 skilled and unskilled laborers during a 3-month period and over 50,000 man-hours, ARC successfully completed the job without a single recordable incident or lost time accident — maintaining the best safety record in the industry. ■


ARC completed a successful rebuild of our 6F1 furnace in Rossford Ohio, with no lost time accident or recordable incidents, and completed work above and beyond the original scope. ARC used a skilled and talented labor force, with experienced supervision to make this rebuild a huge success for Pilkington / NSG. 

–Tim Swan, Pilkington Project Engineer


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