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Allstates Refractory Contractors, LLC is a full service industrial process general contractor serving the glass, metals and petrochemical industries.

The diversity of skills, training, and experience among ARC’s workforce means that we are able to take on the simplest to the most complex issues and leave our clients with renewed process efficiency and equipment longevity.

ARC has the best safety record in our market segment, with licensed safety professionals on staff to assure our customers of our commitment to a safe work environment.

Our team is highly regarded as experts in the online repair of melting and heat treatment furnaces and ovens.

Glass Industry

Glass Industry

The manufacture of glass is an ever-evolving industry in both consumer demand and the technology available to meet those demands. Our extensive knowledge and experience working within the glass industry has given us the expert insight you need when the job has to be done quickly, efficiently, and on budget.

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Metals Industry

From our humble beginnings supplying and installing refractory linings, to the full service contractor catering to the needs of the metals industry we are today, ARC has gained vast experience in solving the problems that arise in metal melting and heat treating equipment.

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Metals Industry
Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

For several years, ARC has successfully completed work within the petrochemical industry and we continue to advance the field, forging new partnerships. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to implement solutions that avoid shutdown or halting production, resulting in tremendous cost savings to our clients.

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Our Services


ARC’s team of consultants couples our expertise with the specifics of the issues at hand along with our client’s company culture, expectations, and industry it serves, in order to make qualified recommendations that prove successful.

Design | Engineering

ARC engineers have years of experience in the construction world and know the standards like the backs of our hands. Our experts in technologically advanced design and engineering strategies will take on your repair or rebuild with enthusiasm and skill.


ARC has spent years developing and perfecting environmental systems that will prevent much of the waste materials produced in fossil-fueled furnaces from ending up buried in a landfill. We are ready to handle your recycling and disposal requirements today.

Hot Repairs

ARC provides capabilities and technology to repair, restore, and maintain furnace linings to the original integrity of the refractory, performed at operating temperature, in effort to prevent the need for downtime and minimize production losses.


ARC can repair, replace, and/or upgrade your furnace linings, hearths, handling systems, and internal alloy. If you need to retrofit your furnace, ARC can provide experienced field labor and supervise the job to make certain it’s done right.

Project Management | Construction

ARC has successfully managed projects both domestically and internationally. Working on multi-million dollar manufacturing and construction projects is nothing new to us. We bring valuable insight and experience to each new job we take on.

Our Work




Replacing a doghouse “on the fly”

And they said it couldn’t be done safely!

A Canadian company requested Allstates Refractory Contractors (ARC) and two other companies to submit a project plan to replace a severely damaged doghouse “on the fly”. The customer required a guarantee that the project would be accomplished within the 10-day Christmas shutdown period and without adversely affecting the furnace, plant or personnel. The two other companies declined to pursue the work because they perceived the work to be too risky to accomplish safely and on time.

Upon award of the project, ARC assembled its team of engineers, field personnel and managers to develop an innovative project plan to ensure safe completion of the project within the required time frame.

Scope of Work

Dimensions 18.5 feet (5.6 m) in length and 52 inches (20.5 cm) tall
Timeframe 10 days during shutdown
Capacity 300 tons of molten glass
Solution picket fence of water lances to freeze glass
The doghouse was 18.5 feet (5.6 m) in length and 52 inches (20.5 cm) tall. ARC’s plan involved drilling through the main crown and installing a picket fence of 10 to 12 water lances in order to freeze the glass in the back of the furnace and, correspondingly, seal off the doghouse. Additional lances would then be placed in the doghouse to ensure the molten glass would freeze and create a barrier to keep the remaining 300 tons of molten glass from escaping.

What Our Customers Say

ARC completed a successful rebuild of our 6F1 furnace in Rossford Ohio, with no lost time accident or recordable incidents, and completed work above and beyond the original scope. ARC used a skilled and talented labor force, with experienced supervision to make this rebuild a huge success for Pilkington / NSG.
Tim Swan
Project Engineer - Pilkington
We contacted Allstates Refractory Contractors after a power outage. The crew at ARC, led by VP Rick Smith, responded immediately and had the equipment repaired and producing in two days. We can always count on Allstates Refractory Contractors for their quick response time and stellar safety record.
Mike Strange
I have used ARC ever since they have been in business. We have three roller hearth furnaces and one mesh belt furnace. ARC has been very reliable and they do good quality work. I had an exothermic generator that needed brick work done in the very busiest time of the season and ARC pulled in some help and got the job done for me. Now that is service! I will tell you one thing, if you have any problems with anything that is done they make it right with no questions asked. Dave Boothe, the owner, is the most honest person you will ever meet. He is a man of integrity and his word. You will not go wrong using Allstates Refractory Contractors.
Lawrence Berger
Maintenance Manager - Blissfeld Mfg. Co.
The job was completed within the time frame outlined and required very little assistance from the plant. The project did creep and was completed with speed and accuracy. The one delay was resolved in a very timely manner and was handled very professionally. All the associates of AllStates Refractory acted very professionally. It was a pleasure working with ARC and the job was a success. We are confident with the work completed to achieve another 18 months on the life of our furnace.
Allstates Refractory Contractors, of Waterville Ohio, performed the summer and winter shutdown maintenance repairs at Cascade Corporation in Findlay Ohio. The repairs are completed on a walking beam furnace and a large temper furnace. We can count on ARC to finish ahead of schedule and within budget.
Chris Rouston
Cascade Corporation
ARC is the go to contractor for Ashland because of their safety, design knowledge, cooperative nature, and quality performance.
Ashland Chemical

Health + Safety

ARC is committed to achieving the best safety record in the industry.



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When you hire ARC, you’re hiring professionals who really know industrial furnaces.