Maintenance Tip: Upgrading Line Frequency

Maintenance Tip: Upgrading Line Frequency

is your coreless induction furnace on the right frequency?

For decades, fixed line high frequency was the chosen method for harnessing enough electrical power for large coreless induction furnaces. It’s been discovered, though, that fixed line high frequency systems can cause a reduction in refractory life, plus they can create some gas pickup in the molten metal.

If you’re currently running fixed line high frequency systems, upgrading the line frequency of your coreless furnace to a solid-state medium-frequency power supply can gain you a greater level of flexibility and reliability.

Existing line frequency furnaces can be retrofitted with new solid-state medium frequency power supplies. We recommend a careful examination of the following factors before making the decision to change to a solid-state medium frequency power supply:

  • Maximum utilization of existing equipment
  • Design of the furnace, coil and yoke
  • Possible need to upgrade charging capabilities in order to keep pace with increased productivity.

Converting to a solid-state medium-frequency power supply can offer short- and long-term payoff. These include: tremendous flexibility, simplicity of operation, longer refractory life, and an almost-endless selection of power control capabilities resulting in better power utilization.

If planned and executed properly, conversion can be completed in a way that minimizes interference with production and keeps your process operating.

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