Protecting the Environment

Long gone are the days of rampant disposal of unwanted waste. Awareness is heightened and businesses know to be responsible in discarding materials.

How to go about thoughtful waste disposal isn’t always obvious, though.

At ARC we have spent years developing and perfecting environmental systems that will prevent much of the waste materials produced in fossil-fueled furnaces from ending up buried in a landfill.

Recycle Your Money

If you could recycle materials used in your glass-making process, how much money and time would be saved? A lot. We know. And avoidance of EPA fines? Who doesn’t want that? This is why we’ve worked so hard to help you reuse as much material as possible to lessen the need for new, more expensive, raw materials. Using our environmental systems will also reduce labor costs, and because you won’t be handling the waste, there is no need for protective equipment, a further cost-savings.

Customization = Cost Savings

You understand the quality that comes with a completely customized solution, but there is often a concern about high costs. The designers at ARC work tirelessly to develop customized solutions for the lowest possible cost. This doesn’t mean we cut any safety corners; in fact, safety is our priority. What it does mean is that the quality of your system will pay for itself in 24 months or less.

Give us a call to schedule your environmental services assessment. We’ll go over your specific needs and talk you through our process. We are ready to help you successfully handle your company’s recycling and disposal requirements today.



Kermit the Frog was wong. With ARC, it’s easy being green.Dave Boothe