Case in Point: Retro Furnace Repair

Case in Point: Retro Furnace Repair

When data was missing, experience paid off on this retro furnace repair.

When a hammer forge customer needed quick, turnkey repair of a vintage 1940s rotary hearth forge preheat furnace that feeds the largest hammer in their facility, they brought in the experts at Allstates Refractory Contractors, LLC.

The Problem:

Both entrances of the furnace, plus the wall in between had been damaged, and the wall had pulled away from the casing. In addition, there were several minor repair issues with the walls, table, and sand seal.

A large repair project, for certain. To make the job more challenging, there were no prints and no materials lists for the original furnace, neither was there any record of modifications made to the furnace in its lifetime. This information gap required a knowledge level that only ARC could offer, with specialists who are experienced with the equipment and materials involved.

The Solution:

ARC inspected the damage and put together a plan for material selection and the best repair method to meet our customer’s requirements. Since the customer had some unidentified material on hand, the project required a working knowledge of the materials in inventory and an understanding of which materials would withstand the abrasion and thermal cycling of the furnace. In addition to selecting the right materials for the furnace environment, correct installation was vital to long life and effectiveness.

ARC’s team conceived the repair, procured materials, demolished the old refractory and installed the new one in ten days – on budget. Our customer is happy to be up-and running so quickly, and pleased with the ease of the repair process.

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