Allstates Refractory Contractors, LLC is not your typical industrial furnace repair business. In fact, we are a full service contractor providing all-encompassing solutions for the glass and metals’ industries. From small and fast repairs, to large detailed projects, from consulting, designing and project management, all the way through maintenance and rebuilds, we help our customers from inception throughout the life of their business.

ARC opened its doors in 1995 simply to provide metals manufacturers with refractory lining solutions. As we grew and recognized further needs in the industries we served, we began broadening our products and services while evolving our technology and skills to match. By 2002, our new ownership and direction again expanded the reach of ARC’s expertise; this time into the glass manufacturing industry.

Each and every project we worked on was different from the one before. We dealt with different furnace types, different buildings and line production processes, and we encountered different materials and unique configurations of furnaces, ventilation, and combustion systems. With these myriad variances, our team was always one of multiple “cooks in the kitchen” so to speak. We quickly realized the time and money we could save businesses if we were able to take on more of the overall project and reduce the number of contractors they would need to work with on a single project.

Today, we provide clients with a full service suite of options that gives them “one-stop-shop” choices. We can be involved as little or as much as required. We are happy to simply consult on your repair plans, your maintenance programs, and/or your new construction; we have the manpower and tools to perform the work necessary (even if it means inventing entirely new ways and tools to accomplish the task at hand); and we can oversee the entire project to its completion.

ARC President, Dave Boothe, takes client relationships very seriously. We understand the importance of “value-add” and know it’s not just a catch-phrase to throw around. We take pride in our ingenuity when solving problems, but also keep an eye on cost effectiveness and safety. Through these values we build lasting, trusting relationship in the communities we serve.

our history

  • 1995
  • 2002
Founded by Robert Shultz in 1995 as Allstates Refractory Services, Allstates started out by supplying and installing refractory linings for the metals industry.
In 2002, the company was purchased by David T. Boothe. Utilizing his considerable expertise in glass, ARC has successfully expanded its services to the glass industry.
Today, as Allstates Refractory Contractors, we provide the metalworking and melting industries with expert technical services and products, including engineering and manufacturing in a variety of disciplines. We also install new furnaces and retrofit, rebuild, or repair old ones. Our staff has experience working with ferrous, nonferrous, and exotic metals in virtually all metalworking and melting industries, including automotive, bearing, commercial heat-treat, gear, forging, carbonizing, foundry, and specialty products.

We provide the glass industry with expert technical services and products, including engineering and manufacturing in a variety of disciplines. We offer complete furnace service, construction, oxygen fuel conversion, retrofits, rebuilds, and hot or cold repair. Our staff, which has the best safety record in the industry, has experience with Lehrs (annealing, tempering, bending, and decorating); ovens; remelt furnaces; and controlled combustion (Low NOx) systems. We can assist with furnace drains and startup, and provide exceptional onsite supervision.



Allstates Refractory Contractors, LLC holds a technical agreement with Bock Engergietecnik. Bock is a supplier of electric melting and boosting technology.

Located in Floss, Germany, Bock has provided over a dozen companies in Europe with glass melting and boosting technology. Bock has one system in the US at Jeannette Specialty Glass in Jeannette, PA.

Bock Energietecnik has numerous capabilities from equipment supply to engineering and nstallation of complete systems. Coupled with Allstates Refractory Contractors, they represent a very reasonably priced alternative in the U.S.